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Other Offerings

~ Stay Tuned for New Stuff ~

Self-Improvement Book Club

Books reading & Group discussions...

Available for all who want to improve their knowledge about different topics, aspects of themselves, mindset, goal setting, self-growth, etc. Let's share our ideas and perceptions. Ideal for self-improvement and maintaining a sense of community and connections.


& Parenting

Direct support to parents, grandparents, caregivers, and families, to help them understand and overcome typical challenges such as communication, relationships, structure, discipleship, and others.

Skills Development

Direct support offered to all ages,

focused on skills acquisition,

practical, and functional use of the

new skills and abilities. Tell me your need and I will develop an individualized plan for you.

*Book Club and group discussions are offered for FREE and are available for voluntary readers who like to share ideas and knowledge with others. Titles and dates will be announced as soon as coordinated. Didactical materials are offered as part of the group discussions. For the Book Club, you need to provide and/or buy the book or material to be read and discussed. Additional restrictions apply. Please, reach out! Feel free to share your ideas with me!

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