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Your room for relaxation!

*The following resources have open access. These resources are tools that could be used when you need a break, for self-care, as distraction techniques, for stress management, self-regulation, grounding, to be mindful, and as a possible source to get relief when sensory overloaded. 

Guided Breathe In & Breathe Out Exercises

Use Your Skills:

Quick Drawing

...It's Fun!

Sounds from Nature

Relax Yourself

Day & Night

Guided Meditations, Affirmations, Others

Mix Voices, Sounds, Create Music, and Get Fun! (Demo)

Be Creative Over

This Sketch Pad

Let's be Creative

with Sand 


Tab the Squares and Relax with Sounds!

Create Music With All These Options!

**Please, refer to each page's privacy policy, and terms and conditions for their usage. Ramos Counseling Group, LLC is not responsible for fees on upgraded versions, your acceptance of subscriptions, or the results of the misuse of the tools shared. Financial retribution is not received for their marketing or its use. Use your judgment when accessing the resources in this section and when deciding to use the tools. Adults also need to supervise their children, when you decide they can use them (if it's age appropriate). Use your judgment! 

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