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Therapeutic Models & Service Modalities

My therapeutic approach is often holistic and eclectic. This means that I see you as a sum of different parts, not as a unit or solitary. Therefore, I plan your treatment customized and tailored to your needs, including the interventions that work better for you from the following evidence-based therapeutic models and service modalities.

Services in Massachusetts and Florida


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Therapeutic model that explains the dynamic and interaction between your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. It includes interventions such as behavioral analysis, cognitive processing, emotional regulation, etc. It's effective in treating anxiety, depression, and other behavioral and mental health conditions.


Trauma Focused-CBT

and Loss & Grief

It's a combined model with CBT and additional therapeutic strategies (such as narrative and progressive exposition) used to address traumatic life experiences or events with children and adolescents. As part of this modality, I also work with loss and grief, transitions, and adjustment to significant life events with clients of all ages.


Creative Expression Therapy

This model uses the creative arts, including visual arts, music, writing, play, etc. It understands that people can explore, transform, and heal from difficult emotional states through the action of using creativity and imagination to represent and examine the connection between feelings, emotions, thought processes, and the effect on their bodies.  

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Therapeutic Models & Service Modalities


Individual Counseling

Includes Employee Assistance Program

It's also called Psychotherapy, Talk Therapy, or treatment which is offered as a one-on-one process with the child, youth, or adult in a caring and confidential environment. Typical challenges addressed by counseling are personal and mental health issues, family history, work-related issues, adjustments, trauma, self-esteem, growth, etc. Cultural influences, religion, spirituality, and other influences are considered in treatment. 


Family Therapy

& Parenting

It includes a combination of therapeutic interventions to support families, parents, and caregivers to understand and modify unhealthy patterns with relationships, communication, structure, discipline, authority, roles, attachment, etc. It also includes support with cultural adjustments, and the understanding and awareness of the influences of the family of origin and past experiences. 


Therapeutic Coaching and Advisory

It includes a combination of modalities, as Strength-Based, Motivational Interviewing, Person-Centered, and Positive Psychology, to support the client with a short-term plan for exploration of options, decision-making processes, problem solving, mindset, goals setting, life mapping, focus, productivity, time management, priorities, etc. It also includes counseling about career and vocational decisions.  

Achieve your Therapeutic Goals

Select the time length that better works for you.

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Forest Trees

60-Minute Session
(53+ minutes)

Typically used for initial interviews, assessments, in-depth and intensive psychotherapy and counseling.

45-Minute Session
(38-52 minutes)

Used for ongoing counseling services, offered on a weekly or biweekly frequency.

30-Minute Session
(16-37 minutes)

Guidance, Coaching & Inspiration. Typically used for brief consultations, check-in, and follow-up of stability.

Are you experiencing a crisis?

Ramos Counseling Group, LLC is not a crisis facility. If you are experiencing a severe emotional distress, mental health, or a psychiatric emergency, please call immediately 911 or call/ text 988 -the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.

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