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Telehealth Services in Massachusetts and Florida

Accepts Insurance and Self-Payment (Private)


Free 15-minute Consultation

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Heal the roots so that your Branches  flourish! 

- Nitza

Ramos Counseling Group, LLC


Nitza Ramos-Cruz, Ph.D.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

In a world full of experts at masking, with the ability to appear and act in society as if everything is fine, I prefer working with those individuals who show up with their imperfections, their reality, struggles, humanity, and vulnerability in life. Those individuals with hope, who decided on building resilience and pursue changes, growth, dreams, and aspirations with real effort and without minding what others think; despite what their background and life history was.


Life’s challenges and experiences are unique and complex to all individuals. I'm here to see and to listen to the human being in you. I want to be on your side as I know that often, we need help to understand our struggles, overcome obstacles, find ourselves, realize our full potential, and move forward mindfully.

If you're willing to make a change in your life, work hard, and try options outside your comfort zone, this is your place! Looking for help during your process is completely fine!

And I'm here to support you... Welcome!

Services in Massachusetts and Florida

"The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you're not going to stay where you are."
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My Principles and Core Values

It is my commitment to support you and provide professional counseling services guided by the following personal and professional standards: 

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Compassion & Empathy

Understanding your challenges. Demonstration and expression of

genuine care and kindness.

Walk in your shoes, hold your hand,

and look at the horizon together.


Collaboration & Alliance

Working together and looking for solutions. Making sure to bring you options, and support, and teach you the necessary skills to succeed in life.

Holding Hands

Intimacy & Respect

Visiting together your history, your past, your present challenges, your reality, and your aspirations in life. Your narrative and ideas are valuable to me.

High Fives


An attitude of praise, positivity, motivation, and encouragement during the small steps and actions toward your goals, successes, and achievements.


Curiosity & Interest

In-depth understanding of your story, memories, wounds, and challenges. Exploration and discovery of your strengths, skills, as well as improvement areas.

Mountain Cabin

Trust & Hope

Your future is bright. When focused, decided, and positive, I believe that people have a greater probability to see changes across the course of their life, to develop hope and resilience.

"If you're going to fall, fall forward."

   -Denzel Washington

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